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Rope Access advantages

Tuesday 10th of July 2018

There are usually only two options available to get high access: scaffolding or rope access.
This article will focus on the difference between both and the advantages in using rope access.

  •  Safety

    IRATA/SPRAT statistics show that rope access is an extremely safe form of access. Indeed, according to IRATA report, in 2015, the reportable injury rate was 64 per 100 000 workers”. Furthermore, this rate is continuously decreasing over the years.
    Rope access is also recognized as the safest method for project completion due to the high standard of required training. Every rope access crew member must meet rigorous standards and pass tough evaluations that will ensure they are fully prepared for performing work at height safely and efficiently.

  •  Cost savings

    When it comes to cost, rope access is comparatively much more affordable than scaffolding. Not only does industrial rope access require less equipment, it is also quicker and reduces wasted time on construction.
    It has been proved that at the end, rope access method could lead to up to 50% of cost savings compared to traditional methods.

  •  Faster

    Case study: Spool hook-up

    Before: Scaffolding Today: Rope access
    Erection / Setup 34 hours 4 hours
    Task 50 hours 60 hours
    Dismantle / Clear 21 hours 1 hour
    Total 105 hours 65 hours

    Obviously, industrial rope access requires less time than scaffolding. While it may take days to erect the required scaffolding, the rigging for rope access takes merely minutes to a few hours.

  •  Flexibility

    Rope access methods are extremely flexible and are often the only option for certain tasks. Unlike scaffolding, no large open area beneath the work site is required.
    In that way, rope access techniques allow to access extremely complex places to reach such as:

    . Splash zones: A splash zone is the area immediately above water level. With rope access, we can access to all splash zone areas, inaccessible with scaffolding

    . Confined spaces: Rope access technicians can work in spaces hardly accessible. They are able to enter and inspect spaces regardless of its depth and configuration

    . Spaces at height: As opposed to scaffolding method, it allows access to every area, whatever the height

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