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Location: UK (sector of the North Sea)
Type of personnel: Deck Foreman + RAT + Rigger
Support: FPSO (Armada Kraken)
Date: 2016


    Rigging operations on the Boa Sub C for the hook-up of the Armada Kraken FPSO with regards to the following operations:
    .Mobilization of project equipment on Boa Sub C
    .Survey of submerged turret buoy
    .Marine growth cleaning of submerged turret buoy
    .Ballasting operations on submerged turret buoy
    .Installation of pick-up rigging on submerged turret buoy
    .Transfer of pick-up rigging to FPSO
    .Recovery and sea-fastening of 24t moon-pool seal plug
    .Demobilization of project equipment on Boa Sub C

    Kraken is one of the biggest subsea heavy-oil field projects in the UK sector of the North Sea. The field lies at a water depth of 120m in the East Shetland basin, which is located 125km away from Noss. The Kraken FPSO vessel is able to handle a peak fluid rate of 460,000 barrels per day (bpd) and 80,000 barrels of oil per day (bopd), 275,000 bpd of water injection, 20 million standard cubic feet (MMscf) of gas handling and has a storage capacity of 600,000 barrels. The FPSO left Keppel Offshore & Marine’s Singapore shipyard in October 2016 and headed to deepwater anchorage to undertake commissioning work.


Location: Angola
Type of personnel: RAT + Rigger
Support: FPSO + PSV1 (boat support)
Date: 2016


    .FPSO Hook-up: rope access, general rigging
    .Installation of MPP umbilical
    .Complete pull-in
    .Assist pre-commissioning technicians with set up of equipment for electrical & pressure testing of umbilical riser
    .Assist divers & hydra-tight technicians with final installations on umbilical riser & bolt tensioning on bend stiffener
    .Demobilization of all equipment


    The first field discovered on Angola’s offshore Block 17, Girassol is located 93 miles (150 kilometers) offshore in waters measuring approximately 4,600 feet (1,402 meters) deep. The GIR-1 exploration well discovered the Girassol oil field at a true vertical depth of 8,202 feet (2,500 meters) in April 1996.

Total E&P Angola has awarded Technip an engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning contract for Phase 2 of the Girassol Resources. The project includes:
.21 km (13 mi) of umbilicals
.13 km (8 mi) of interconnecting power cable between the Dalia and the Girassol FPSO
.recovery and disposal of four rigid spools
.installation of eight new flexible spools.


    Mr CA (Technip - Operations Manager): “Must recognize good culture & understanding of local constraints (operating in Angola is not easy).
    Very good reactivity as well during operations, appreciated logistics coverage throughout service.
    Really appreciate the team for their professionalism.”


Location: Malaysia
Type of personnel: Deck Forman + RAT + Rigger + Winch operator
Support: Platform (Malikai TLP) + Deep Orient (DP2 medium construction vessel, with two ROVs, a 250 Te main crane)
Date: 2016


    .Mobilize Riser Pull in System (RPS) with dive spread:
    >Install cooling, hydraulic and electrical lines
    >Removal of Transit rigging on RPS
    >Install hydraulic ram on chain chute of the RPS
    >Assist with running tests on RPS
    .Commission RPS
    .8” & 10” Riser hook up
    .Demobilize RPS


    The Malikai oil field lies around 100 kilometres (60 miles) off Sabah, Malaysia, in waters about 500 metres (1,640 feet) deep. It comprises two main reservoirs with a peak annual production of 60,000 barrels per day (bbl/d).
    It is Malaysia’s third deepwater project after the Kikeh and Gumusut Kakap projects.
    The platform, which floats on the surface of the sea while moored securely to the sea floor, produces and pipes oil 50km (around 30 miles) to the shallow-water Kebabangan platform for processing.
    The objective of the Malikai project was to hook up two SCRs, which consists of a 8” gas pipeline and 10” production line.


    Mr MAMD (Technip engineer) : “Mr X in particular (as the supervisor) and his team of rats have demonstrated the highest standard of professionalism in their work, flexibility in changing work scopes, adherence to safety standards and livelihood of the overall working environment. Mr X in many occasions have been proactively involved in planning and sequencing the work to ensure the smoothness of project.”

    Mr DB (Technip OCM): “Mr X and his team were a great addition to the team. Always there to lend a hand when asked. Professional approach to the tasks assigned completed in a safe and timely manner. Mr X is a leader and his team worked for him. Full effort at all times. Knowledgeable about the procedures and SWL’S of the rigging in use.”

    Mr JG (Shell): “Great communicator. Respected by his team, easy to understand the work scope because of his experience. Will recommend for future projects. True asset to success of the project. ”

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