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Location : Africa - Nigeria
Type of personnel: RAT
Date: 2011

    - Mooring of Agbami FPSO, General deck rigging utilizing timberland winches and work on riser porches.
    - Repair work on hole by means of grid blasting and spray painting, cutting and coating of flanges.
    - Installation of Cable Trays.
    - Rescue standby for confined space entries.
    - Rigging and replacement of Seawater lift pumps. Installation of overhead dry screw compressors.
    - Replacement of Prover ball and port side crane engine.
    - Erection of radar tower and associated equipment.
    - Change out of sea water injection valves.
    - Swinging of spectacle blinds, insertion of skillets and isolation blinds.
    - Commissioning and installation of spool pieces.
    - Maintenance of lifting equipment. Visual inspections, dye penetration tests for structural cracks, greasing of crane wires, wire rope inspections and change outs.
    - Hydra tightening and torqueing of high pressure systems.
    - Grayloc installations.
    - Assistance with NDT Inspections. Installation of boat landing skids.
    - Calibration and maintenance of all inaccessible fire and gas detection and suppression systems

SUBSEA 7 - EGP3B project

Location: Africa - Nigeria
Type of personnel: RAT & Diving
Support: POLARIS
Date: 2011

    Spool pieces and Riser installation.

SUBSEA 7 - PAZFLOR project

Location: Africa - Angola
Type of personnel: Rigging
Date: 2011

    Installation of fletts, suction anchors, manifolds and umbilicals onto various barges for Subsea Installation. Heavy lift operations. Hydro-tighting Installation of PIG launchers onto the flett for checking of leaks on gasket.

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