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Our values

Yes, we care! By maintaining long term close relationship with our personnel, We proudly believe in our core values and place human being at the heart of our daily work.
That makes Petrolis the ideal partner for your offshore projects


All personnel we send on missions are covered by the relevant insurances (employer’s liability, life insurance, repatriation,...).

We guarantee our employees punctuality in their salary payment and do our best to ensure our clients that visas, work permits and other logistic services are delivered on time.


We guarantee high quality work standards, from the selection process to the work performed on site by our staff.
Thanks to our comprehensive recruitment process, we are able to select the best fit according to a specific given scope of work. Moreover, we make sure our personnel have up-to-date certifications.


As a specialist, we are focused exclusively on some areas of expertise which allow us to provide relevant and accurate technical assistance services to our clients.

Our local and international coverage reflects our expertise. Petrolis is based in over 10 countries, operates on 4 continents (Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America) and has 15 offices worldwide.
These multiple locations allow us to deal with each home country’s particularities, building multicultural crews.


With our strong presence around the world, we can meet our customers’ needs and provide them with the right people at the right places in the timely manner.

As a small and medium size business, we are very flexible and can provide turnkey solutions according to our different clients expectations.

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